Bizarre Travel Books

Volume I

Ten Plus One

Cover Detail

Straight from the Realm of the Unusual,

each story is a strange tale from some dark corner of the world,

unpredictable with uncanny twists:


a hotel room in Miami has an unexpected guest;

Spot on the Window,

a lonely girl deals with the drudgery of work in Oregon;

Total Eclipse of Sanity,

a pair of gay amateur detectives in 1950's New York City;

Walk to the Exit,

a Mall walker in Tokyo seeks the way out;

Virachocha Sunrise,

a young man makes a bad decision in the Andes;

Antebellum Rendezvous,

fear can be an insidious companion in New Orleans;


learn about the Ultimate TV Diet;

Broken Oak,

a rite of passage at a hunting Plantation in Georgia;

Dogs in Trees,

a conservationist confronts more than exotic fauna in Nepal;

Thief of Senses,

a Parisian Gypsy's heritage;

plus War with the Cats. amazonamazon